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I use both emulsified and regular Vitamin A! ~~~Nancy

This is ~~~Nancy Gurish from YouTube!

Hi! everyone!

Just below are four types of Vitamin A ~

I would choose any of these four. In fact
changing up my vitamins is something that
I believe is a good idea!
One video of mine on this supplement
is below! You can see it here or
at my YouTube Channel!
One reason Vitamin A is used for is for infection.

It is also good for eye support. That's one
reason that I use it!

Emulsified Vitamin A Fights Infection! From Livestrong~
~(go) the article!

And here is an emulsified Vitamin A! I use both regular and emulsified!

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From: Project Inspired

Another article:
"People have been using herbs to fight infection since time immemorial, although it was not until Linus Pauling's 1970 book promoted the view that adults should take 1g of vitamin C a day to avoid the common cold that vitamin supplements were used to fight specific ailments. The book created a storm when published and was responsible far a massive increase in sales of vitamin C supplements
From: Disabled World Towards Tomorrow!

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