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In this video I speak about using iodine for a supplements!
Today I would use a better iodine: two are listed below! ~~~Nancy

Products I speak about! ~~~Nancy

Here's a source for iodine supplements I would use.

Lugols' Iodine!

... or ...

Nascent Iodine

"Your soda is spiked! No, seriously! It is spiked with bromine. That’s probably not
what you were thinking when I said "spiked". While it doesn’t seem as dangerous, bromine is
actually a huge problem for your thyroid. However, bromine isn’t only found in soda.
It is in citrus-flavored drinks ranging from Gatorade to Mountain Dew. The substance is
also found in various baked goods such as cookies, cakes, and bread. So if you are drinking or
eating any of these, you are at risk.

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Remember - this isn't health advice, it's just what I do! ~~~Nancy
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The Center for Science in the Public Interest today petitioned
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to prohibit the use of potassium bromate,
which is used to strengthen bread dough. CSPI charged that the FDA has known
for years that bromate causes cancers in laboratory animals, but has failed to ban it." ~:) more!

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