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Magnesium Is My Help! ~~~Nancy
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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!
Next to my chair here I have my glass of water and my cup of coffee! I take my coffee without cream or sugar - for many years now~
I take my water with my Epsom Salts for it's magnesium.

Epsom salts is magnesium~ and it is my prefered method for getting magnesium.

Why I write this page today? This morning I woke up refreshed and rested after 5 hours of good sleep.

In my time I have spend a whole lot of hours on the couch during the day times.
Because I have never been a good sleeper!

I've had trouble getting to sleep for as long as I can remember, from about 7 years old. And I never knew why!

Today at 61 years old I can look back and I know what it is.

It was always a lack of magnesium. That is unbelievable, but it's the case.

If anyone had a sleep problem I would tell them to investigate magnesium. One good source of information

would be Dr Carolyn Dean. After I already knew what it was
I found Dr. Dean's videos on YouTube. I already know this is my biggest source of support and my greatest need in mineral supplements. Each and every day.
Dr. Dean recommends a dosage of this - 200 to 600 mg per day I've seen some of the dosages on magnesium supplements and I

would agree with her statement. I need a great deal and I don't know how much that is - but I take approx 1 - 2 Tablespoons
(divided up) during the day - of Epsom Salts in water./br> [Magnesium has a laxative effect, so it's best to start off with very, very little - the body adjusts over time!

Note! Update! Today I take Magnesium Glycinate (see below)
this form of magnesium doesn't act like a laxative!

Learning of the benefits of magnesium would be a good start.
I'll put a link to the product I have used for myself below.
Mostly I've used Epsom Salts but I have found other sources. One that my husband uses is the crystals see below.
Peace Buttercups!

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Please note! I'm a cosmetologist and I'm interested in staying healthy through natural means! So, this isn't health advice! ~`

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