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How I Get A 'Golden' Silver! ~~~Nancy

'Seeding' The Water!.
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Below is a comment that I received on my
YouTube video channel! It is something that many people want to know!
So I will answer it here for everyone!

In fact, it was enough of interest, that I have already made a video about it!

See my answer, and the video (below)
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Here's the question:

Hi Nancy, my son has been making colloidal silver at home, it seems a little on the yellow side. Is that normal? Thanks in advance Margaret

Hi Margaret! Thanks for the question!

I've made my own colloidal silver (c.s.) for

quite a few years now! And, I was always glad when it would come out golden!
Only recently did I discover why and how it happened because sometimes it was clear or gray-ish in color!

It seemed to be a better product when it was golden! Today I know that if there is some silver to (seed) the distilled water with, then it comes out golden.
It seems as if it works better!
When I first found c.s. I had seen this mentioned!

See you around YouTube Margaret!
My videos on Colloidal silver will be up shortly!
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Colloidal Silver FAQ's! ~~~Nancy

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