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Reasons For Deficiency!
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Hi! This is ~~~Nancy Gurish from YouTube!
There are a few reasons that
people are deficient in B-12.

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On this page, I'll describe what seems to be

the difficulties in our getting enough B-12
and I'll tell you what food sources
will help you to get some!
And other things to help!

(*Note: see my sources for information below!)

Anemia, fibromylgia, fatigue - even a thyroid condition
or adrenal issue or getting frazzeled easily,
are some of the signs of having a Vitamin B-12 deficiency.

Digestive issues can cause something called 'malabsorption'!

Not absorbing a vitamin means you may be

getting B-12 in your foods but
your body is not absorbing it.
I'll talk about what to do in this case also!

Vegans or vegetarians tend to be deficient in
vitamin B-12 as it is usually acquired from eating meats.

Some natural sources of B-12 are meats, liver, shellfish, dairy products (yogurt or kefer, i.e. from grass fed cows).

A Dessicated liver supplement is a way to get some vitamin B-12!
[I'm going to look at this form for
supplementing for myself! ~~~Nancy]
Now as for that 'malabsorption' or digestive issue:
One place to begin correcting this would be
with a good probiotic!
And if your digestion is the trouble ...

fermented foods would help to improve this!
The 'probiotic action' of fermented foods
might 'kickstart' your digestion and help!

[See my video - I asked Leda Lum

Leda Lum Apotheca!
to tell me about fermented vegetables

as a source of probiotic! **]

And consider what changes you need to make in your diet!

According to recent studies, many people over the age of 50 lack enough stomach acid to adequately absorb

… more below …

vitamin B-12. ... read more ...

- Renegade Health - by Colleen M Story

A good B-12 supplement would be called for as well!

What I'm going to look at for myself

is a good sublingual B-12.

And the dessicated liver supplements!

When you take supplements sublingual, under the tongue
it goes well into the bloodstream so
that it is absorbed easily.

That's how I'm going to take it!
And I intend to do it!

Bye for now!

I'll see you at my YouTube Channel!

Remember - I'm not in medicine!

This is not medical advice!

See my Wild Disclaimer!

I'm ~~~Nancy Gurish

I'm a cosmetologist who is interested in

staying healthy through natural means!
Peace Buttercups!

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Sources: Dr Josh Axe - YouTube video

Dr E Group - Global Healing Center - YouTube video

** See Leda Lum Apothecary YouTube Channel!