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Fibroid Tumors

"A fibroid starts as a single muscle cell in the uterus. For reasons that are not known, this cell changes into a fibroid tumor cell and starts to grow and multiply. Heredity may be a factor. It is thought that a muscle cell in the uterus may be "programmed" from birth to develop into a fibroid sometime-perhaps many years-after puberty (the start of menstrual periods)..."

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Aspertame And The Brain

"Merely months before the Olympic trials, Justin contacted me for nutritional help in recovering from a diagnosis of Grave's Disease caused by diet colas with aspartame. He read my first book Sweet Poison, followed my recovery experience from my own case of Grave’s caused by aspartame, and cured his disease in six weeks (just like I did) by simply removing aspartame from his diet, cleansing, and restoring his depleted nutrients. His recovery from a "false" diagnosis of Grave's Disease came merely months before the 2004 Athen's Olympic Trials. But ..." ... to an article ...

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