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Hi! everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy!

I love diatomaceous earth!

I've been using diatomaceous earth (DE) for several
years now! And I love the product!

It's great for keeping my bedding free of mites!

It is good for my pooches as a help in
keeping fleas away!

Good for sprinkling in the yard and on the lawn!
Keeping the lawn treated also keeps away fleas!

See my video below as to how I treat my bedding
to protect my family from parasite troubles!

It's a help with deer ticks as well!

It's a good item to keep around the house!


P.S. Occassionally I add some into water to drink!

See this video here or on YouTube!

The 3 C's Of Making Your Bed! ~~~Nancy

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Products you may look at!

Diatmaceous Earth ~ Food Grade 10lbs!

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Peace Buttercups! ~~~Nancy

P.S. This isn't health advice! It's just what I do!

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