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Colloidal Silver FAQ's Answers by ~~~Nancy | Your Health And Tech Friend

Colloidal Silver FAQ's

This is some of my silver, a good silver will turn golden!
You can see how some silver ions will leach off of the silver rods
as the silver processes! ~~~Nancy

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FAQ Colloidal Silver Questions

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Here is a link for colloidal silver that I would buy - through Amazon! ~~~Nancy

Colloidal Silver 30ppm - Ultra Pure Colloidal Silver With Smallest Silver Nanoparticles For Natural Immune Support - Vegan & Gluten Free - By Hamilton Healthcare

In my opinion Colloidal Silver is extremely safe to use.
It is a highly efficient material that can be used to keep away colds and flu if used on a consistent basis.

When I take my silver almost daily, if not on a daily basis, I do not get colds, cold sores, the flu.

[Just below is a link for colloidal silver through Amazon! ~~~Nancy]

Colloidal Silver 30ppm - Purest Silver on the Market Nano Colloidal Silver - Just in Time for Cold Season Is Also Vegan and Gluten - Free Highest Safe Ingestible Dose

Hi! In *2006 I had an experience that gave me insight into the product known as Colloidal Silver.
At that time I had a memory from when I was a small child. I was at my best friend's home and I recalled seeing her grandfather put a coin into his coffee cup.

When I had this memory I 'Googled', "why would someone put a coin into their coffee".
What I found was background information on how colloidal silver works, what it does and I read the history of it.

It was fascinating so I read more. Soon I was taking it and making my own.
That was in 2006! And I still use it today! ~~~Nancy

*It is currently March of 2016 so I've used c.s. for ten years now.

Hi! How much colloidal silver to take is an individual decision. A good suggestion that I've seen is to let your body tell you how much you need. Say I take a tablespoon of c.s. and I find that an arthritis pain in my elbow has left - that is an indication of silver working for you, sometime, it is the absence of pain.

Then I might feel that a tablespoon of silver per day is good for my body. If say I still have pain in my knees than I may decide to take a second dose in the afternoon. Possibly the same size dose but two times a day. I personally take from between two to three tablespoons per day, usually in the morning. ~~~Nancy

As you said, the strength of colloidal silver is measured in parts per million (ppm). The strength that I usually use when I make my own silver is approximately from 3 - 5ppm. I only make a mild strength these days because of time restrictions. When I first started to make silver I would 'cook' it up to anywhere from 12, 14 to 28 ppm. I didn't have as much experience or understanding as I do today! ~~~Nancy

Wow! The first and biggest thing that I'm most happy about is my left knee! Both knees but my left is the worst. I've had 'bone on bone arthritis in both knees since my mid 20's. The cartilage has been worn away. Colloidal silver keeps the knees happy (and good shoe inserts). I do not get cold sores anymore!

At all! That is a huge blessing (part from using Miracle Mineral Solution also). No urinary tract infections and I used to get them very frequently. Today, none! It takes care of arthritis in my back and neck (I don't feel any pain from those areas) but an x-ray shows 'arthritis commensurate with age, in my back. ~~~Nancy

Hi! I bought my first bottle(s) of silver at a local nutrition center. The next bottles that I purchased were from stores online. It can get costly so I soon looked into making my own. From an online store I purchased a battery operated silver generator. After about one year of using the battery operated one, I purchased an electric generator. It was much easier and I could make a lot more with less effort. Today I'm using the same electric generator and it works great after many years use. ~~~Nancy

Wow~ I'm torn on this question~ My knees I imagine would have to be the biggest benefit, because I can walk. That's huge. But I haven't had a cold sore either.

[Just below is a link for colloidal silver through Amazon! ~~~Nancy]

Colloidal Silver 30ppm - Purest Silver on the Market Nano Colloidal Silver - Just in Time for Cold Season Is Also Vegan and Gluten - Free Highest Safe Ingestible Dose

~The cold sore virus I believe, was eradicated by Miracle Mineral Solution, but colloidal silver kept them away too. No sinus infections - that is a big benefit. No urinary tract infections. That's been a big plus! I don't think any one in particular is my greatest. Maybe my knee arthritis is the best benefit. ~~~Nancy


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