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Alternative Supplements That I Use! ~~~Nancy
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"... black salve is as safe as
the pink salve

that my mom and grandma used on my diaper rash! "
~~~Nancy Gurish/

Video to come! ... Black salve as a tea! ...

Introducing Black Salve! ~~~Nancy

Hi! My name is ~~~Nancy Gurish. I've got a few years of experience using an alternative health supplement (formerly known as Cansema) traditionally known today as Black Salve.

Black salve is a wonderful salve - salves were in common use when I was a small child (I was born in 1956); my mom and grandma used a 'pink salve' for our diaper rashes. Pink salve and black salve each contain zinc. And zinc is known for being a great skin care product.

Pink salve was pink - and black salve is black. There are at least two black salves that I know of on the market today - one is a drawing salve and it is for removal of splinters and that sort of material, from the skin. Drawing salve is not cansema black salve.

The company that I buy my black salve from is called Lifeline Water, they are based in Dimmett, Texas in the U.S. Lifeline Water calls black salve 'Indian Herb' - it is the true black salve that was previously called cansema. I know this because I use it. These people make the product themselves - it looks to be a family owned and operated business.

This company (Lifeline Water) is the company that I purchase mine from - I've purchased from them two times. So - if I am asked where I purchase mine; it is from Lifeline Water. They also have a particular water that they make and sell; however I've not used it, and I have no information about it.

The Lifeline company lists their phone number at the bottom of each of their web pages. The way that I purchase from them is by calling them. They ship the product quickly and they insert an instruction leaflet into the box with the bottle of black salve. The salve is packaged in a small, thin prescription bottle with a white cap. The picture of it is on their web page.

I've got an entire playlist of videos on YouTube on my use of black salve! ~~~Nancy

You will hear both positive and negative chatter about this salve. There are pictures on YouTube and no doubt on the internet - depicting people with large holes in their noses, etc. There seems to be a lot of scare tactics used about black salve.

My experience with this salve is pretty extensive and I've got nothing except positive things to say about it. It is as efficient and effective and safe to use as was the pink salve used on my 'butt' as a baby. Both are zinc based products - and zinc is a good 'fixative' for many skin conditons!

My intentions are to write more about my experience with black salve. So - please stop in at my magazine frequently for updated articles!

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Video to come! ~~~Nancy