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A Julialanan Production LLC

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A Julialanan Production LLC is a friend of The Cleveland Courage Fund, (Cleveland, OH) The Cleveland Police Foundation Handgun and Assault Weapon Buyback Program, (Cleveland, OH) and actively drives awareness to many other causes.

This company is a supporter and advocate of businesses and organizations which work for a better and safer world for it's people. AJP works to advocate for the arts, as a contributor to Cleveland City Dance, Shaker Square, Cleveland, Ohio, and the Cleveland Public Theatre, Gordon Square in Cleveland Ohio, both of the US.

A Julialanan Production LLC, works to drive awareness for help with, Alcoholism, Food Addiction; works to put an end to Stop To Human Trafficking; promotes awareness of Drinking And Driving; Texting And Driving; >Childhood Hunger; and the World Hunger Project in the U.K., and to the many, many other situations in the world that need attention.

*A Julialanan Production LLC filed Articles of Organization on March 19, 2014 it's filing status is listed as Active and it's File Number is 2279045. A name registration was submitted for this company at that same time. ~~~Nancy Koncilja Gurish** is the sole proprietor of A Julialanan Production LLC. This business is located in Cleveland Ohio in the United States of America.

++ Alanan Incorporated was the name established in 2004 as the business name for Mrs. Nancy Gurish in her Independent Contracting as a Managing Cosmetologist in the State of Ohio. This name was not registered at that time by Mrs. Gurish, but was used for the filing of taxes in her business.

April is Distracted Driver Awareness Month

*** Lisa Irby of 2 Create A Website, 2 Plan A Website;

Darren Rowse, The ProBlogger and editor and founder of Digital Photography School;

Jason Wiser of Wiser Sites and On Track Tips;

Wade Harman, Social Media Marketing full time blogger, coach and speaker.

And a dear person, Coach G. Moore~

These are just a few of the people who are helping me along my way! ~~~Nancy Gurish

++This company will graciously accept any and all prayers in order to achieve it's desire to be of service to others!

To Contribute to helping Gina, Amanda and Michelle through the Cleveland Courage Fund ...

Cancer has taken many, many friends of mine through the years.

So I have actually spent a good deal of time in the study of, what cancer is;
and how the different treatments work - or rather, don't work.
I've seen how many people really die of the 'cure.'
I've read of what 'success' means to the medical / oncology world;
it actually means 'living' - or, excuse me, 'existing
for about 5 years

. That is what is considered a successful cancer cure
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forest from southern ohio trees in fall
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tree lined frontage of home on lake erie cleveland ohio

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