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Donations to The Cleveland Courage Fund for Gina, Michelle and Amanda of Cleveland Ohio. Please help them to recover, with prayers, and donations if you are able. Thank you. Nancy


As the editor of Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine, and owner, (A Julialanan Production LLC) I am actively seeking the copyright status of article(s), and images and/or other materials used on the pages of my website magazine(s), Your Health And Tech Friend;Your Health And Food Friend; Your Health And Water Friend; Nancy Koncilja Gurish; Conny Jancilak and on the Your Health And Tech Friend Blogspot . This page will document the permission requests sent out; permission's granted or declined and/or permission status. The text material that I use; and the images, will be kept to a reasonable minimum until if and when I am granted official permission to use the material. If I receive any request(s) for removal of text, image(s), etc. I will immediately remove such article(s) from my web pages. Contact information for this activity will be made available on each page of my website; and/or it will be relatively and easily accessible. Nancy K Gurish, Editor

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March 18, 2014: Received a reply from E How

As per an email response I received, dated March 18, 2014 from Kathy Canavan: Ticket #125067: Following a link she gave me: Below is the format, structure and explanation from eHow dot com, as to how to use their material and how to link to it. I will follow that format and their instructions. ~~~Nancy K Gurish

"The best attribution option uses the eHow content title as the link copy. We find this approach imparts the most trust and credibility to readers of your website. You need to manually type the eHow content title and make the text a link. However, content management systems, like WordPress and Tumblr, make this easy to do.
Using this approach for an article titled "Paying Off Your Plastic" looks like this:
"It is important not to close an account once you’ve paid off the balance, however, because that unused credit will help improve your credit score." (Read more on Paying Off Your Plastic)
It's also acceptable to paste the raw attribution link directly into your website or use a link shortener to reduce a link's length as seen here:
"It is important not to close an account once you’ve paid off the balance, however, because that unused credit will help to improve your credit score.” (Read more:"

Linksys Support Community

On search of this website there is no contact information: (I am not a member of this forum) possibly I will sign in as a member one day. I have also searched and did not find a website copyright for this site. I will continue to seek contact information for this website.

The material I have used from this website is on the following page of my website on URL:

The material that I used is the article from the forum entry titled: "WRT54G wireless router -- service keeps cutting in and out: (help..."

Search for copyright information, and/or use of material on this website was conducted on March 17, 2014.
Status: I will place clear attribution of this article's source at the article on the page of my website titled:">Why My Home Router Cut Out!" Also this citation will be entered in the citation's pages of my magazine.

Nancy K. Gurish

Cell Phone Dangers, Safety Tips  "... if Neil Armstrong had taken a cell phone to the Moon in 1969,  it would have appeared to be the third most powerful source of microwave radiation in the universe, next only to the Sun and the Milky Way. He was right. Life evolved with negligible levels of microwave radiation..." ... to this article ...


Healing Foods 

"... Foods that relieve inflammation.


What Are They?

Before I received all of this wonderful knowledge about anti-inflammatory foods, my life was full of unexplained aches, pain, and weight gain.

I came to know that I was deficient in foods that provided fiber and omega-3 essential fatty acids. They boost the function of our immune system. Therefore I was always in a state of low grade inflammation.

The foods that will appear on this list are what I call whole foods.

Whole foods are a factory of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and phytochemicals.

Our body needs all of these foods for good cell to cell communication..."  ... to this page ...


Lassi, A Delicious Probiotic   "...The herbal lassi is truly a special lassi for people like IT professionals and high profile managers whose life time job is more of a brain work which needs a continuous free flow of oxygen to the brain through uninterrupted blood supply.

The amount of blood and oxygen required for brain teasing jobs is normally very high and that really increases the job of the heart to pump more and more blood to the brain." this article ...

Harding Canyon Waterfall - Trabuco Canyon, California


I find that my days go very much more smoothly if I take a little time out each day for quiet time. Prayer in the morning.... during the day if needed, or where needed. Also some time to relax my mind; clear my mind and allow new thoughts to come in. Or to let my ideas re-form or take new shape. It helps me greatly.  Your Health And Tech Friend

Why should we develop our spirituality?

Spirituality can offer many benefits to your life, both emotionally and physically. Developing your spiritual life can give you a sense of purpose and help you figure out where you are most passionate in your professional, social, and personal life. Some studies show that positive beliefs can comfort you and improve your health. People who have taken time to develop their spiritual life are also likely to better understand their needs.

Ideas for evoking a spiritual experience..."

...continue this article...

Emotional Health - Overview

Colloidal Silver, My Story
Colloidal Silver, Information

About Me - Nancy Koncilja Gurish

Once Upon A Time There Is A Website! My Dream Has Come True ~~~Nancy

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