Vitamins And Minerals

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Why Take Vitamins And Minerals?

Prevention and healing!

Hi everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy

As I get older I feel that taking vitamins
and minerals is a very important thing for
me, and for my family!

But actually it isn't just my age
that causes me to desire to supplement!

It is my understanding of what the
different supplements do and how
they work in my body, that causes
me to take them!

In the past few years I have developed a
deeper understanding of how supplements
work and which vitamins are most important
to take!

Two bottom line reasons would be
prevention of illness and for the
treatment and reversal of symptoms!

As I learn, I share with you!

… more below …

Taking good supplements can be
costly at times, however, getting sick
can be a very expensive proposition!

One supplement that I need to take daily and
to take seriously is magnesium! ~`

There are other vitamins and supplements that
I take off and on.

One of these is iodine! ~`

Iodine is a top anti-cancer mineral!

Another important supplement to take is a
real vitamin C! ~`

Vitamin C is for tissue repair i.e. arteries, etc.