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Colloidal Copper Has Helped Me! ~~~Nancy

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Hi everyone!

It's ~~~Nancy from YouTube

In 2006 I started using colloidal silver.

Soon I discoverd colloidal copper!

I've got some experience

with this to share with you!

Below you will find my videos about my

use and experiences with colloidal copper!

If you have questions, you know that you

can find me on YouTube - or you may email me!


Below you'll see a few more words about

colloidal copper and their sources!

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To My Vitamin Listing!
My use and experience! ~~~Nancy

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"The National Institutes of Health recommends copper supplements, like Colloidal copper, as a treatment for copper deficiency. While rare, copper deficiency can be found in infants fed cow-milk formula exclusively, those born prematurely or with low birth weights, or those suffering from malnutrition. It is also prevalent in children with cystic fibrosis and adults with celiac disease, each of which interferes with the absorption of minerals in the digestive system."

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Colloidal Copper: The Amazing Mineral For Healthy Youthful Skin

"A colloid is a substance that is said to be dispersed throughout a different substance evenly on a microscopic level. Colloidal systems normally have two different phases, a dispersed and a continuous phase. Copper colloids consist of nanometer particles of pure copper in a fluid."

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