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Oh my! Beginning with Morgellons Disease, I've found so many different health conditions along my journey! In 2006 I began to research the ways that colloidal silver might be of benefit to persons with different conditions including my arthritis. One of the first that I found was Morgellons Disease; then came a skin disease called Lichen Sclerosis! So many conditions - but all with the same cause: lack of minerals~
It is that simple. Amazing but true!
I'll show you why in the pages of Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine! ~~~Nancy Gurish

Hi! This is ~~~Nancy!
My family has had a great deal of success in helping ourselves to stay healthy,
such as in preventing colds and flu, for five years now. I haven’t had a cold sore
develop in five years. This is due to the information we have found on-line.
Our lives are greatly enhanced, and have not been interrupted, by illness.
I haven’t purchased a cough, cold or flu medicine in 5 years.

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Hi there!

This morning I actually had an aching hand, my left palm hurt from what I imagine is arthritis pain. And I've been waking up with achy feet.

It was five days that I had an empty bottle of colloidal silver in my house.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I keep a large moonshine-sized jug of colloidal silver on hand at all times. So any arthritis pain that I'd have is not known to me.

[To ~~~Nancy's Q & A on the benefits she's received from Colloidal Silver Colloidal silver is an anti-inflammatory so it takes care of my arthritis.

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The most obvious pain I'd have is in my knees, that is where the most arthritis pain has been for me in my time, the longest active arthritis.

My knees did hurt some lately but I thought it was because of my shoes.

I've got arthritis all over, osteo-arthritis, as it runs in my family.

Today I made some c.s. in my kitchen. I try to keep it on hand; it keeps away colds and flu too.

As Martha would say, "it's a good thing"! And I say that too!


~~~Nancy's Answers to Colloidal Silver Questions FAQ's

Chronic diseases – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis – are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems in the U.S. Chronic Diseases are the Leading Causes of Death and Disability in the U.S.
7 out of 10 deaths among Americans each year are from chronic diseases. Heart disease, cancer and stroke account for more than 50% of all deaths each year. ... continued below ...

Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine is a magazine for entertainment and enlightenment. This magazine is not a source of medical help. Please use your individual discretion when reading articles within these pages which pertain to health. The health and medical articles are from a variety of sources. Please seek out the source of each article for the credentials of the author(s). Thank you, ~~~Nancy Gurish

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