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All people who are interested in technology articles

may cross over into Health article topics!


all persons interested in health articles don't ...

Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

... necessarily cross over to Technology pages! ~`

Both health and technology fascinate me! ... more below ...

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I also understand both Health and Wellness topics!
Thus, Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine
was born in 2010! It's my baby! ~`

Every person has an interest in their health at many times in life!
Quite possibly most people may become interested in some area of technology now and again!
Maybe we wonder about Secure Socet Layer Encryption ~`
SSL or it may be a need for password tips ~` for keeping safe on the internet!

... more below ...

... continue ...

During the course of one day, we each have occasion to think of both health and technology!

After some years of study, health is too easy for me, but technology gives me something to
bite my teeth into! It can hold my interest far longer! And it's fun!

For one thing, Cancer is not a Mystery~` to me anymore! (See video below)

Once you understand cancer, ~` you are well on your way to having control of your body.

There are two other body systems to concur! The ~`gut and artery health! ~`

And then you have a lot of time for
your technology interests! ~` That has been happening for me!

... more below ...

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