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This is my experience with apricot kernels! ~~~Nancy
This is not health information!

~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi! everyone!

Wow! I didn't know it came in an oil!!!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

At my YouTube channel I've talked a lot about apricot kernels!
On this page I'll talk a minute about the benefits of Apricot in this form!

If it is beneficial in this form ~
it would be quick and easy to use!

I need help to make supplements easy to use
and I know that you do to!
What I'm thinking, (I'm wondering) is:

could it be rubbed on the skin at a place where
you want to treat for skin cancer? Or something under the skin?
(Here's a link to how I determined my skin cancer!) ~~~Nancy

[Note: here's a page 'About me!' ~~~Nancy]

At the Amazon order page: they say the oil is frequently
sold with the Apricot Seeds~ So I am looking at it too!

Just something that I'm thinking about~
Here's a link to a video titled: I Beat Cancer With Vitamin B17 by Sandi Rog!

I'll talk about it at my channel if I find out!
Peace Buttercups! ~~~Nancy

Here is my video on Soaking Apricot Kernels in case

you haven't seen it! ~~~Nancy

Note: To the right you'll see an image of a
tumor growth - this is on my dog Sara's skin!
If you 'tap on' that picture; you'll get to one of
my videos where I speak about treating it with MMS!
(MMS / DMSO by mouth! What happens? ~~~Nancy)

Here is a link to a source for Apricot Oil that I'd buy!
Organic Apricot Kernel Oil Australian 100% Pure Virgin Unrefined

13 Best Benefits Of Apricot Seeds For Skin, Hair, And Health

ORGANIC APRICOT KERNEL OIL is rich in gamma linoleic acid, or GLA, which comes from essential fatty acid omega-6 and vitamins E, B1, B2, B6 and A, ideal light moisturizer for everyday use. ORGANIC APRICOT KERNEL OIL is PURE/ UNDILUTED / VIRGIN / UNREFINED/ with no chemicals or synthetic solvents. No fillers, additives or artificial fragrances added. Non toxic, does not clog the pores. Absorbs quickly, leaving a light, non-greasy feeling. Not tested on Animals, DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY PRESERVATIVES.


"There are many nutritional benefits of eating apricots. This is a rich source of minerals that cures anemia, asthma, tuberculosis and bronchitis. But, are you also aware of the health benefits of apricot seed or its oil? Apricot seeds can be consumed raw or ground into a powder for adding to soups, vegetables, curries, fruit juice or cereal. They can also be roasted in the oil that is used in salad dressings, cooking, fuel and facial lotions ..."

At the website below there are uses and beneifts of this!
It says you can massage your hair with it!
It has linoleic acid - which is good for hair! I'm going to get some of this!
Then I'll talk about it on a video at my channel!

Peace Buttercups! ~~~Nancy


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