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Nancy K Gurish, Editor

About Me!

Oh! There is so much to learn about me!

For starters, I am a Cosmetologist who is interested in
staying healthy, through natural means!

Hi there Buttercups!
This is ~~~Nancy, from YouTube!

Nancy K Gurish
~~~Nancy ⁣☁️☁️☁️
My magazine is for entertainment and enlightenment!
Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine!
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There is so much to know about me! ~~~Nancy Gurish

Nancy K Gurish is a home maker and an American business woman!
She holds a license in Cosmetology in the State of Ohio.
Mrs. Gurish seeks ways to stay healthy through natural means and shares her
experiences on four YouTube Channels ~ (see below)
At her main YouTube channel she talks about subjects which are of

interest to many people at different times in life!
As a wife and mother, Nancy searches for holistic medicine which

can benefit and maintain optimal health for herself and her family.
She shares her knowledge and experience through articles and videos!

All of Nancy's videos and articles are for entertainment, enlightenment and inspiration!

Nancy K Gurish is the sole proprietor of A Julialanan Production LLC

a business operated in the State of Ohio in the United States of America.

I don't know exactly why - or how this all happened,
but along with health I have a great need and desire to grow spiritually, and I
have been throughout this past year particularly.

From that growth has stemmed
a deeper understanding of the current medical 'happenings' in our United States of America.

And in fact, in our world! I truly believe that I see 'the folly' in medicine.
"Medicine" being the key word here; not healing, but medicine (drug therapy) and today,
in my mind; I have come to see no difference between a street drug and a pharmaceutical drug.

A drug is a drug - if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck; it probably is a duck,

and that is the stance that I take today.

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I have actually spent a good deal of time in the study of what cancer is

and how the different treatments work - or don't work.

With 'traditional'

treatments, I've seen how many people really die of the 'cure.'.

I've read

of what 'success' means to the medical world; it actually means 'living'

- or, excuse me, 'existing for about 5 years


That is what is

considered a successful cancer cure. ~~~Nancy Gurish

P.S. See my 'Wild Disclaimer'!

These are some of my more viewed videos: (below)

You can click through - the pictures at the bottom of

of this page too! Each will take you to one of my videos! ~~~Nancy

1) Use Of MMS For HIV, Hepatitis, Dosing Frequency Protocols ~~~Nancy

2) Baking Soda (Long Version) Raising pH ~ Instructions And Lots More ~~~Nancy
2) Video of Re-Treating With Black Salve 'After' Pictures at The End! ~~~Nancy

3) Use of MMS For HIV, Hepatitis, Dosing Frequency Protocols ~~~Nancy

4) Strengthen Arteries, Clean Them, Stop LDL, Cholesterol Health ~~~Nancy

5) What To Do If Your Blow Dryer Won't Start! ~~~Nancy

"A Saturday noon rosary
has been in my life for about a half of a year;

another rosary, on Wednesdays, was added about 3 months ago. This past two
weeks I've said a rosary each morning. My life changed in a drastic way since I've
had the rosary in my life. On a daily basis, the practice of the rosary has
brought a deep peace to me.

If you see other pages in this magazine - I talk about my life, the emotional disorder(s)
that I live with; as well as the alcoholism and food addiction I have lived with.
That being said, I can tell you the rosary has brought more peace to me..."

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Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine is a magazine for entertainment
and enlightenment. This magazine is not a source of medical help.
Please use your individual discretion when reading articles within
these pages which pertain to health. The health and medical articles
are from a variety of sources. Please seek out the source of each article
for the credentials of the author(s). Thank you, ~~~Nancy Gurish

Your Health And Tech Friend