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MSM (for it's DMSO!) And Sulfur! ~~~Nancy

It's a 'Win-Win' Supplement!

Using MSM For The Sulfur Benefits!

Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!
When I get an idea that is good
for me - I always share it with you!

Through video or on my web pages!

Today I will share with you about MSM.

MSM turns into DMSO in our bodies.

Personally I'm not a fan of DMSO because - and
(this isn't easy for me to say but it's
because of how it makes me smell!)

I'm not sure if this happens to everyone.

[It's important to buy DMSO in glass bottles!
That is one way to prevent some odor but there is still an odor!]

MSM can do the job of DMSO! Anti-inflammatory etc.!

So, I'm looking at supplementing more frequently
with MSM - because it turns into DMOS in the body!

I'm looking at some capsule and liquid sources of MSM,
and I will share the source and brand with you.*

One of the brands that I trust and use is the NOW brand.

There is a capsule and a liquid below.

NOW Joint Support - MSM 1500 mg - 200 Tablets

Here is a liquid with Glucosamane Chondroiten and MSM.

NOW Joint Support - Liquid Glucosamine & Chondroitin with MSM - 32 fl oz

The combo of Glucosamane Chondroiten and MSM looks good.

I think the MSM would help the chondroiten absorb**.

I give you the brands that I use and that
I know will work. ~~~Nancy

MSM is a great source of sulfur.
And sulfur helps us out a lot!
I'll put one of my videos about it below.

MSM Uses Benefits ~ Decalcification of Plaque^^, Joints And Arteries!
From my YouTube Channel! ~~~Nancy

^^Plaque begins to form on arteries in our 20's ... to this page ...

P.S. *If anyone purchases anything through my pages
thank you because it helps me to keep making videos
for my YouTube channel! They are brands I use and trust
and the commissions help me out! Thank you! ~~~Nancy
** Remember - I'm not in medicine so this isn't advice.
It's just what I do and I share it with you!

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