Soaking And Chewing Them!


This is my experience with apricot kernels! ~~~Nancy
This is not health information!
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Hi! everyone!
This is ~~~Nancy!
A friend of mine explained to me the importance
of both soaking and chewing apricot
kernels! I've got a video below which
tells in detail why this is necessary!

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Soaking And Chewing Apricot Kernels! Daily Motion!

As well as releasing the enzymes, the
soaking action also removes mold from them!

Mold develops on nuts and seeds during the
packing and shipping time! All nuts have mold!

Chewing the kernels is essential in the way that
the B17 and Amygdalin works inside of the body.

The amygdalin mixes with our saliva which activates the
enzymes! From what I've experienced it is the
correct process and method!

This information can also be obtained in the book
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Dr. Paul Chek The Chek Institute ~`


P.S. I'm a cosmetologist, so this isn't
health advice! It's just what I do! ~`ng

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On Another Note!

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