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South Entrance ~~~Nancy Gurish

Hi everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube

I feel so bad for some of the people I know who have been taking medicines and seeking help

from traditional medical doctor,

for help for their conditons.
I'm thinking specifically of a woman I know who has Rhumatoid Arthritis and one or two

other conditions.

Why I say that I feel so bad is that these medicines, so badly

break down the body.
And the body can only take so much.

The body suffers and the condition is still there.

The thing about rheumatoid arthritis is that one can heal from it
if the disease is treated immediately, but in Freys case, the medication
that was supposed to help him heal didnt work, but instead set him up for devastating effects.

... read more ...

That method of treatment costs so much money. Takes so much time from your life.

Allows the conditon(s) to worsen.

Here is a video that helps along the lines I'm speaking of! ~~~Nancy

See this video (below) or on YouTube!

But you can't enter - a closed mind.

Some people's minds are closed to anything that is not traditional medicine.

Some of the people - will probably make it. My 'non-traditonal' ways of healing

are not easy - it's not an easy path! But with - holistic medicines

conditions are going away.

I'm thinking of the people I know who are healthy - and going on with their lives.

Their bodies never suffer the consequences

which is the lot of the people using the traditional stuff.

I pray for them!


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grassy ground
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