How I Handle My Arthritis!

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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

This morning I actually had an aching hand,
my left palm hurt from what I imagine is arthritis pain.

And I've been waking up with achy feet.
It was five days that I had an empty bottle of
colloidal silver in my house.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I keep a large
moonshine-sized jug of colloidal silver on hand
at all times. So I don't normally feel arthritis pain!

Colloidal Silver is an anti-inflammatory~
It keeps my arthritis - gone - in my knees too~

Below is my video about my Colloidal Silver Wipes!


I'll post a video soon about how I make colloidal silver!

Here is a link to a colloidal silver if you
are interested in trying it! A 30ppm silver!
30 ppm is a good strength silver!

When I make mine own silver, it is a low ppm ~4-5ppm.
Since I take it most every day I prefer to use
a smaller strength! ~~~Nancy

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