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Copper And Oil Vitamins For Artery Health!

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"If I were to categorize myself on the internet
as to area of expertise - I would have to say
that it would be as the Colloidal silver lady! ... read more ...

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Colloidal Copper and an Omega 3 Vitamin!

Trouble with arteries can be helped with a few different
supplements! Copper as well as a good oil vitamin can help!

See my video below!

See some suggestions for products, below! ~~~Nancy
The oil vitamins and some minerals,
like copper can make a real difference in artery health!
The Omega Vitamins 3,6 and 9 help!
See more below!

How I get healthy arteries! ... see this...

Wheat Grass Powder has potassium which helps with the
heart, Circulator system and the arteries!
Popular Products!
A Liquid Copper Supplement!
An Omega 3,6 and 9
Wheat Grass Powder, Organic Non-GMO

This isn't health advice, it's just what I do, and
when I find things that work! I share it with you! ~`

"On another note: "When I was a kid, the adults around me would get a job
and keep the job for ten or twenty years. It was very unusual for someone to change jobs.

Then corporations started shedding layers of management. Jobs started
to move offshore, and outsourcing became popular."
... read more ...

Liz Ryan - Contributor Forbes Magazine

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