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Just below is a comment I received at my
YouTube Channel! I'll answer to it here!

Black Salve (Cansema) Solar Keratosis

Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Here is the question I received from a viewer:

"I have solar keratosis on my forehead. I started applying Cansema for 3 days now. It is swollen on the second day and having headache. It is about 2 cm in size. I have a question. Please advise me.

The Cansema becomes very hard. So it is very difficult to remove all of it. Must the Cansema be totally removed before another spread of Cansema is applied to the affected area ?

On my forehead , swell getting bigger and strong headache. Am I applying black salve wrong? What must I do? Must i use some oil before using black salve again on the spot?"

Looking forward to your reply.
Kind regards,

My answer!

Many people seem to have different experiences with
using Black Salve on their skin.
Without seeing pictures - I can only guess.

[Here is an article which may help with Solar Keratosis!]

If black salve is used correctly it will react
on a skin tumor and it will not build up.

There should be nothing to wipe off or remove.

It makes me curious wheather the proper black salve was
used and not just a drawing salve.

I will put a link below for the company that I purchase my black salve from.
The short answer would be that I would not put black salve
on top of old black salve. I would clean it off using
3% hydrogen peroxide and then look to see if I were
using the proper black salve and using it properly.

(Note - the skin can be treated with PawPaw cream see below
Creams are used in between applications for comfort!)

I have a complete library of videos about my use and
experience with black salve. If anyone truly wishes

to use this product there are many videos that will
take you through my complete treatment with it. Other people
have videos as well!
Also there should not be a thick layer applied!
The proper application is just one dot! Literally one dot!

The size of a 'tip of a toothpick'!


See the video here or on YouTube!

Where I buy mine: McDaniels Lifeline Water
The black salve I buy is called Indian Herb!

I don't get a commission for products sold by
McDaniels Lifeline Water, it's just where I buy mine!

Products you may look at:

Some people use PawPaw cream for their skin when
using Black Salve (Cansema).

A Related Product: Apricot Kernels!

Apricot Kernels

The video below! "Will Black Salve Burn A Hole In Your Nose?"

Note! Nothing on my site is intended as health advice!
I am a cosmetologist who is interested in staying healthy
through natural means!
Also - I will receive a commission for any products purchased through
my web magazine! So if you do - thank you! It helps me to containue making
videos on YouTube! ~~~Nancy

On another note!

A friend of mine explained to me the importance
of soaking and chewing apricot kernels.
I've put together a video
that explains how to do this and,
why you might wish to do this
if you are using apricot kernels for your health!
Here is a source for the Apricot Kernels that I buy!
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