Apricot Kernel Oil Uses

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Apricot Kernel Oil Uses & Benefits
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Apricot Kernel oil has uses in massage; for
scrubs, in lip gloss, lotions and soaps!

The oils in apricot kernel contain essential fatty acids!
They include Palmitic acid (6%), Oleic acid (66%), and Linoleic acid at (27%)!

An Apricot Oil skin product will help greatly in moisturizing skin!
It is good for wrinkle reduction, and better skin tone!

Apricot oil is to be used topically! It is not safe to use internally!

There are shampoos and conditioners see below that have Apricot Oil in their ingredients!

It is great for treating hair, because of the healthy acids in it!

Skin care products with this oil are wonderful for the complexion!

On another note!
Bentonite clay is another very useful substance that I've used!
I share my experience with this healing clay!

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