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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

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"My focus is on alternative sources of support for myself and my family!
Staying healthy through natural means ~`
and keeping a healthy immune system is the goal!

My license is that of a managing cosmetologist, so I don't offer health advice! ~`

This is only what I do, and I pass the information on to you!
I'm sharing my experience of using supplements that have been successful for myself and my family, through articles and by way of videos!

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Another topic that I like to discuss is prayer and how it has changed my life.

Staying prayerful ~` one day at a time, helps me to find answers to almost any situation that can come to me in life!

By the way! One of my most popular videos is just below!

P.S. This is the most popular brand of Apricot Kernel purchased!
Hunza Gold Bitter Certified Organic Raw Apricot Kernels

Anything that I learn about staying healthy in this manner, I will share with you!

"I've used the product called black salve and have recorded my experience …"

Ever since I first found colloidal silver ~` I knew that if it was good for me and my family
than it was good for my dogs!
I've been using colloidal silver in my dogs'
water bowls for quite a few years!
During the past 20 years we've had 4 dogs and one cat!

Nikki Belle was our cinnamon colored Chow-Chow, Sara, a Golden Retriever mix that I called
a love dog, and Clyde the cat!
More recently we've had Patty a lhasa apso/terrier mix,
and, in house today we have Sally! Sally is a
Curly Coat Retreiver/mix!

We've lost Patty, Sara and Nikki but they lived to
long ages and were healthy!

We have all taken colloidal silver! It is good for my joints! And it was very good for theirs! And for immunity for them, from disease!
I put some into their water bowl most every day!
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Home School

Don't let anyone make fun of or ridicule your home school High School Diploma.

Not too long ago I spoke on video about something similar to this regarding home school and family criticism. I was on the receiving end of some of this ridicule. ... more on this ...

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