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Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine is a magazine for entertainment and enlightenment! I hope you will find hope among other things at my magazine!

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~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor
. Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!
Hey Buttercups!

Something about me you may not know is that at the heart of my activities on the internet, I am a website developer. ~(:)

Back in 2006 I found colloidal silver, but I also purchased my first new computer in that year! A brand new Gateway desktop and printer! Whoa that was cool!

Something else that I don't speak of very frequently is that I am married!

Yup! So on another section of my magazine I'm sharing my thoughts on weddings! ~(^)

That is because I have experience from putting together my own wedding!

With that said, I speak and write online, about things that I have experience with. I offer my knowledge and what works well for me!

... more below ...

And now that I'm established somewhat online I am moving into yet other
areas of my knowledge-base and those are the areas of both computer hardware and software!

As we are all online now, we are each faced with the challenge of picking and choosing different software and hardware!

In my home I have been the IT guy ~(:) for our routers and computers; modems and printers, and all of the software invloved! Download managers, printing programs, etc. So, with that, whenever I find a nice software opportunity, or when I find a program or device that works well, I will spotlight it in an article and share it with you!

I'll find the best products, as I do with natural supplements! ~(:) and I'll give you a safe source for it at a good price!

Software needs to be safe and it has to work well!

Peace Buttercups!

As usual, there will be a video below for you! will find an article also and a product for you if one comes to mind!

Peace *Buttercups!

P.S. I began making videos for my website in December of 2012!
Oh boy! Thankfully and hopefully I have improved through the years!

This is a good silver, it comes with a dropper! ~~~Nancy
Soverign Silver! With a Dropper! P.S. All silver is the same, if it's from a good company!

Note: I've already set up a page with my Laptop choices! Take a look if you're in the market for a Laptop! I've used quite a few! I like HP Laptops! ~(:)