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Your Health And Tech Friend is an Internet Magazine for entertainment and enlightenment! I'm searching for ways to stay healthy in body, mind and soul, through natural means! ~~~Nancy Remember that I am a cosmetologist who is interested in staying healthy ~ through natural means! It's not advice, it's just what I do! ~~~Nancy

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  • Alternative Supplement Index!

  • Alternative Supplements are the minerals and vitamins that I've been learning to use! They help to keep the immune system high and functioning well!

  • Apple Pectin and Vitamin D3 For Arteries!

  • Apple pectin can help to keep junk out of the arteries and throughout the body! Apple pectin scrubs the interior linings of our connective tissue!

  • Apricot Kernels, Soaking and Chewing!

  • Soaking and chewing apricot kernels is a good thing to be aware of! These kernels contain Vitamin B17 which helps with cancer cells! In fact - it only works on cancer cells! It destroys them! It leaves healthy cells alone!

  • Cover Page: (Starting Place!)

  • The Cover Page is the place to go to if you lose your way in the pages of my website! It all starts there!

  • General Index

  • The General Index is a good page that lists most all of the pages on my website! I've got departments and sections for many, many topics of interest!

  • Grow gum tissue

  • Growing healthy gum tissue is a passion of mine! I've done it, many times over in my life! Bacteria eats away at gum tissue and causes it to reced! But it can be repaired, and it is not that complicated!

  • Health Conditions Index

  • Health Conditions, that is being developed as I go along in life! Sometimes, my husband or I experiences a complication in our health! And, when I find an answer to it, I share it with you!

  • Home Page

  • The Home Page is another starting point in my magazine! It has an image carousel where you can see some of the pictures that I have taken through the years! I place picturs wherever I can in my site!

Apricot Kernels! Soaking And Chewing Them!

picture of a black Amish style horse and buggy on a beautiful day with a bright blue sky.

This is a very popular page within the magazine! On this page I share my knowledge and experience in using apricot kernels! There is a specific technique for preparing them through soaking! ~~~Nancy

On Another Note: Health Conditions!

In my Health Conditions department I speak about conditions that I may have experience with! Or situations I feel would benefit from supplements that I am familiar with! From arthritis, and bladder troubles to Morgellons Disease!