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I have been around the block with some
emotional health issues in my time!
Panic attacks were my closest friend for longer than I want to say!

What am I gonna do about it? Go forward in spite of it.

Hi! This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

In fact most of my life I simply felt like a failure, I didn't

understand that it was the o.c.d. that was blocking my efforts.

Only recently have I realized that it is the *o.c.d. and some a.d.d.
(Attention Deficit Disorder) that were hindering my efforts in life.

Knowing what it is that is happening has been at least my first
step in getting past this.

(Just below is the book that helped me - by Dr. Claire Weeks! (1903 - 1990)

This illness causes me a lot of self doubt. Self doubt will stop a person
from anything they attempt to do in life. I don't recall being taught

about the self doubt part of this malady when I was in therapy,
I don't think we were able to get that far into the disorder.

Some really good therapy helped me and continues to help me today.

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This was the therapy developed by Dr. Claire Weeks. ... to be continued ...

* I refuse to capitalize the words of most illnesses because I do not wish
to give them power - like the word cancer, you will not see it
capitalized by me in this magazine! ~~~Nancy


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