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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

When you home school, it is important to stay in the positive

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I home schooled my child and I had only a high school education! This worked out very well, for our family! It was among the top best decisions I have ever made!
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Please note! That's me in the picture just above!
I'm sitting at the grotto on the grounds at Rhoda Wise's
Miracle House - in Canton, OH USA! Take time to learn about Mrs. Rhoda Wise! ~`

It is my feeling that - the worst job you do at home,
is better than the best job , done in a public school
setting. Public school can be great as well, however
each family needs to be allowed to decide for themselves!

Home Schooling is a very wonderful way to educate your children!

Many times, it is family members who will be your strongest
critics when you home school! It is important to stay positive!
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Keep the faith, and stay strong in your decision to home school!

On Another note!
My faith and trust in God has grown to a very good place, but it has taken me some time to get here! The devotion that I feel for my church, the Catholic Church, has also taken time to develop and mature.

"A Saturday noon rosary
has been in my life for about a half of a year;

another rosary, on Wednesdays, was added about 3 months ago. This past two
weeks I've said a rosary each morning. My life changed in a drastic way since I've
had the rosary in my life. On a daily basis, the practice of the rosary has
brought a deep peace to me.

If you look at the other departments in this magazine - I talk about my life, the emotional disorder(s)
that I live with; as well as the alcoholism and food addiction I have lived with.
That being said, I can tell you the rosary has brought more peace to me..."

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