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Hi there Buttercups!
Welcome to my magazine!
This is ~~~Nancy!
Nancy K Gurish

My magazine began way back in October 2010! At that time I was working part time, as a sales associate at my local Home Depot store!
I was hired in as a cashier, but eventually I was trained to work as a sales associate in the Appliance Department!

Natural healing captured my interest!

In 2014 I received my license as a Cosmetologist! That is one of the reasons for the Beauty And Glam department in my magazine!
I just love all things Beauty & Glam!

Computers and Technology captured my interest in approximately 2004! That was when I began to devour, everything that I could learn about our very first home computer!

I've got a Devotional Doorway department at my magazine!
This is because of what happened to me back in 1989! At that time, God intervened in my life, and pulled me out of a very dark, and horrible life that I was living! My prayer life has grown a lot since then!
... more below ...

And then, there's the Spiritual Walkway! In this department of my magazine I speak more about how I've grown spiritually! Prayer and meditation are a big part of each and every day of my life!

The Emotional Pathway is there because of all of the emotional stress that I've had in my time! I had the condition known as obsessive compulsive disorder! I had panic attacks before anyone knew what that was!

The only help I found for that was through prayer!

I've got an Events Department! This section needs to be developed! It covers events, near and far!

My Places, Places, Places department came about at the same time as the Events Department! And my
These departments each cover interesting things, or people and places that have impacted my life in some way or another!

Now, the
Home School Hallway department is near and dear to my heart!
One day I decided to home school my kid!

And it worked!

It still amazes me! Home school needs to remain an option for parents! It's the best thing!

The Internet Avenue department came about because of the way I learned to navigate the internet for my work! I love this here internet! It's fascinating!

Podcast #3

The Website Technology department was the first of my sections in the Technology realm! Technology interests me, and I take to it! It surprised me that I was able to learn, and understand website technology! I tought myself to code my website, in scripting languages! I love it!

Well, that wraps up the Department Listing of my magazine! Please hop on over to my Sections Listing!
I had more to share about health and technology, so I needed to create some new chapters in my Internet Magazine!
I will look forward to seeing you at my Facebook Community! ~`

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On Another Note:
A friend of mine explained to me the importance of soaking and chewing apricot kernels.
I've put together a video that explains how to do this and, why you might wish too do this! ~`
if you are using apricot kernels for your health!

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