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East Entrance!

A 'phony' water man tried to get into my home that summer!

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East Entrance!

Here is a link for colloidal silver that I would buy - through Amazon! ~~~Nancy

Colloidal Silver 30ppm - Ultra Pure Colloidal Silver With Smallest Silver Nanoparticles For Natural Immune Support - Vegan & Gluten Free - By Hamilton Healthcare

A home security system became important to me in 2013!

A 'phony' water man tried to get into my home that summer!

As I get info on security systems - I'll let you know!

See my video below or on YouTube!

Security 101: 4 Home Security Tips! ... see this...

"Everyone fidgets...except maybe for those guards in front of Buckingham Palace.
Whether it's touching your hair, biting your nails, playing with your clothing
or spinning pens in your hands, you probably fidget many, many times a day.
Herein lies the reason why the fidget spinner has become the latest toy craze among"

... read more ... article by Bruce Y. Lee - Forbes Magazine

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