About Me! Page Two ~~~Nancy Koncilja Gurish

... to page one ... ... "That is what is considered a successful cancer cure (And, somehow??? (they wonder...) it just seems to 'come back' and 'they don't know why?', but I digress...) And success, does not mean anyone is actually, living their life.
Something very unusual kept popping up in my searches. (I search the internet for material and for different sources which give substantiation to other sources, which is how I choose the articles and the material that I present.) What happened was that I found out there were real cure(s), (plural) cures, for cancer a century ago. It wasn't a mystery at all. And isn't a mystery. This, as I said, kept coming up. So, I'd look at it; copy a bit, take a bit of information and move on to another topic. But, as I went, I was learning it.

As we fast forward to June 2013 - I have a routine of testing my pH (saliva pH) and I found it to be at a low (acidic) level. This indicates disease. So, I also found that I had a 'spot' dark black/purple on my side (underneath the side of my bra);

... so I search for that image, online; so see what this ugly growth is: and it appears on a medical site as being 'melanoma' a skin cancer. Darn! ... I'd known that this was a fear - in the back of my mind and now, I had it. I acted pretty quickly and used some of the natural supplements I had at my disposal, on hand in my home. And then I said to myself, "I've got web pages on this." So, I began to look back at my cancer topic pages, and did get more information.

The melanoma experience began on June 10, 2013, it is now August 9, 2013 and - it was in a better place in about three or four weeks. I got my pH back up to 7.2... which is a pretty good place to be. Healthy. So, with that experience I learned more fully the importance of testing the body's pH. I saw, truly, that pH is life. In an alkaline state, you have health; in an acidic state you have disease.

Enough about me.
Again, I'm not a doctor and I have no medical training. Medicine and pharmaceuticals do not interest me and I have no interest in the health care field. If you have a medical condition, please see a medical provider.