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My spiritual walkway has been an adventure!
I had to grow in spirit or I would wilt!

I will share with you what I've learned! ~~~Nancy

Growing spiritually has been what has made the biggest and most important changes in my life!
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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy!

Hello! If it weren't for my connection to the Holy Spirit

I'd be no where! No where at all!

God is my spiritual 'higher power'

through Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother Mary!

The Holy Spirit has become my companion and comforter. This is the way to freedom and

to a happy life. God is in His Heaven and all is well!
May you find Him now! God's blessings to you!
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"Glorious St. Michael, Prince of the heavenly hosts,
who standest always ready to give assistance to the
people of God; who didst fight with the dragon, the old serpent,
and didst cast him out of heaven, and now valiantly
defendest the Church of God that the gates of hell may
never prevail against her, I earnestly entreat thee to assist
me also, in the painful and dangerous conflict which I have to
sustain against the same formidible foe." ~`

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