Taking Zinc On An Empty Stomach!
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Zinc Tablets - Empty Stomach! ~~~Nancy
It Hurts!

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Of course, I found out the hard way again!

Taking Zinc on an empty stomach doesn't sit well! Zinc supplements need to be taken with food!

Bonus Information below as usual!

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Zinc is found throughout our body!

In infancy and childhood, and during pregnancy zinc is needed for proper growth and development!

When it comes to skin, think Zinc!
~`Zinc and Skin!

Zinc helps for wound healing and it helps to fight off invading bacteria and viruses!

Zinc is important for our senses of both smell and taste to work properly!

I like it for it's antiviral and anti-bacterial benefits!

It is said that zinc can lessen the length of the common cold, and be helpful against the herpes virus!

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My use and experience! ~~~Nancy
On another note:

A friend of mine explained to me the importance of soaking and chewing apricot kernels. I've put together

a video that explains how to do this and, why you might wish to do this if you are using apricot kernels for your health! ~~~Nancy Gurish
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Cell repair and skin tissue! From what I have seen, zinc stops the replication of bad cells. There is a particular type of mineral source that is best for this. Angstrom-sized minerals are small enough to enter into our cells. ... to this page ...