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Growing Gum Tissue!

Nancy K Gurish

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Growing Gum Tissue Isn't Rocket Science!

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They say it can't be done but growing gum tissue was is one of the easiest things to do.

Gum tissue is simply skin, and if left alone and

kept free of bacteria, it grows and replaces itself all of the time! Some of the ways that I've encouraged the tissue to repair has been by swishing with different solutions!

One of them was hydrogen peroxide, the mild grade that you buy in the supermarkets and convenience stores. Just swishing with it several times a day. That worked well for me.

Another time, when it happened again I used a paste of baking soda and water. Just put it into a small dish and brushed with it. Again, several times a day.

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It never fails to work. Gum tissue can erode because of bacteria; stress; illness. It has caused me periodontal disease. To me, that just means an advanced case of gum loss with germs involved! Bleeding had occurred for me too.

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- Paleohacks August 2014

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P.S. Of course, I use colloidal silver each day, that helps too! ~~~Nancy