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My Appreciation!

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My Appreciation! ~~~Nancy

I'm expressing my appreciation to the many, many people who share
fantastic information about staying healthy through natural means!

And the information I require for technology!

We need to keep sharing information that will help us
to avoid the symptoms that are diagnosed as disease! Thank you!

Sincerely, Nancy Gurish
In health and technology and sometimes
the two of them meet!

Some sources are:
Natural News ~`
Dr. Josh Axe ~`
Dr. Eric Berg ~`

Mashable ~`
TechCrunch ~`
~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor Your Health And Tech Friend

On Another Note:
It might have been around 1970, I was about 13 years old and somehow I got the idea to use herbs and/or spices in my bath water. It must have been a 'thing' at the time;

and had to have come from t.v.
... continue this story ... ~~~Nancy

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