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Let's Bring Awareness To These Ills In Our World!

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There are a lot of ills in our country and in our world!

And we share these in common!

Situtations that we feel we have no control over!
People are driving while intoxicated!
Others are texting while driving!
One of the worst situations that is happening in this world is, human trafficking. ~`

Bringing awareness to these situations is a start.
I'll try and do my part!


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Every day, PBS and 350 member stations fulfill our essential mission to the American public, providing trusted programming that is uniquely different from commercial broadcasting,

treating its audience as citizens, not simply consumers. In fact, PBS has been rated as the most trustworthy institution among nationally known organizations for 14 consecutive years."

"Praise God for all you have and trust Him for all of your wants ..."

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