Ohio Is A 'Destination'State!

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"Growing Number Of Legal and Illegal Immigrants ..."

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("Ohio is a destination
state for human trafficking.)
(see below)"

Today I took my continuing education
test to renew my license, (cosmetology) and

one whole section of the exam was devoted to human trafficking.

(" ... lawmakers are investigating how the Ohio traffickers
and others managed to take advantage of a federal program ... see this below ...)

Cosmetologists are among the occupations in which
people are asked to be

educated in some of our social ills - human trafficking,
domestic violence, etc.

Today I found some info on my particular state
(Ohio) which was eye opening to say the least.

Ohio is what is called a destination state - one of them.

(Below is some info from the section on Human Trafficking.)

It seems that immigramts (legal and illegal)
play a part in this dilemma.

"The Trafficking in Persons Study Commission Prevention, Education and Outreach Subcommittee recommends a multiple approach to improve the knowledge of the general public ... Public awareness campaigns .."

"The Ohio Trafficking in Persons Study Report found that Ohio is a destination state for international victims of labor and sex trafficking.

Many factors account for the numbers of foreign-born trafficking victims in Ohio.

  • The ability for victims to be moved easily in and out of the state.
  • The growing number of legal and illegal immigrant populations to recruit victims.
  • The number of markets open to foreign-born persons.

"International trafficking into Ohio often occurs along the Canadian border

... and Ohio's proximity to the border allows traffickers to move victims through

Michigan to various markets throughout Ohio." - Davis, 2006

"Foreign-born populations in Ohio continue to increase and from 1990 through 2000 these populations increased 30.7% .

By 2007 foreign-born population increased another 23.6%.
-Migration Policy Institute 2008.

This growth in minority and immigration population

in Ohio makes it easier to conceal victims of international

trafficking within the state.
-Urbina et al

Businesses throughout Ohio employ migrant labor often in poorly
regulated industries seeking cheap labor such as textile, sweatshops,
agriculture, restaurants, construction and domestic crews.
- Davics 2006

Currently there are at least 130 agricultural businesses in Ohio
-Lucin 2009
(See this whole report here ... read more ...

"Ohio will allow some undocumented immigrants with temporary legal status the right to get driver’s licenses." ...... to this page ...

Pray for our country! ~~~Nancy

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