Salts For Health!

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There Are Many Different Healing Salts!

Salts are one of the purest forms of healing medicines that I know of! One important salt for me is Epsom Salts!

I take it daily in water for many reasons!

Sea salts (Himalayan and Celtic!) are great for our health! They provide the spectrum of trace minerals

This chapter of my magazine is devoted to salts and soon I'll have an oils section!

Salts and oils are so very important to me each and every day!

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Epsom Salts!

Every day I make certain to use my epsom salts! One of the benefits is a good nights sleep! ~~~Nancy

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Salt: A Brief Big History! ~~~Nancy

My Adult ADD And More Stuff!

When I was a kid in the 1960's and early 70's no one heard of ADD. At least not in my world!

It was after I began to work on my website that I started to understand what was going on

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with me. I began slowly to put together what had been going on all my life. Why I never seemed to get anywhere."
Uses For Salt: Medical Treatment Sore throats, toothaches, postnasal drip, bee stings, mosquito bites, painful gums, poison ivy, and poison oak are some of the ailments for which salt has been prescribed. Modern science doesn't endorse ..."