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Life has many twists and turns, many more than I would have expected if you'd have asked me my opinion when I was in my 20's.

Within this past eight years the happenings in my world have been something I never would never have imagined.
Circumstances from the brutal to the absurd have taken place in my world.

I am surviving the effects of the situations that have come to me these past years but it sure hasn't been an easy road.

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Thank heavens for my really short faith-filled life.

I call it short because it was only 26 years ago that I learned exactly how to pray. That is a relatively short period of time. Some people have had a reliance on God a lot earlier in their lives.

It was pain that brought me to God - and it is God that is bringing me through this pain.

Thank you God for your strength and help. Life is not always easy!


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"A Saturday noon rosary has been in my life for about a half of a year; another rosary, on Wednesdays, was added about 3 months ago. This past two weeks I've said a rosary each morning. My life changed in a drastic way since I've had the rosary in my life. On a daily basis, the practice of the rosary has brought a deep peace to me.

If you see other pages in this magazine - I talk about my life, the emotional disorder(s) that I live with; as well as the alcoholism and food addiction I have lived with. That being said, I can tell you the rosary has brought more peace to me..."


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