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~~~Nancy Gurish is a cosmetologist who is interested in staying healthy through natural means~.

Hi there Buttercups! ~~~Nancy


Why Colloidal Silver?

What colloidal silver does for me?

  • Prevention of illness is a lot easier than - reversing illness~
  • Keeps cold sores away!
  • FAQ's Of Colloidal Silver!

  • You Can Reverse Symptoms ~

    Reverse the symptoms of disease, and find the symptoms go away, and there was no disease! ~~~Nancy

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    One of my main interests in life is keeping my arteries healthy and clean!


    Emotional Health Walkway

    Self doubt will stop a person from anything they attempt to do in life. I don't recall being taught about the self doubt part of this malady when I was in therapy..Read more ...
    Stay positive about home schooling!(... a video ...)!

    Colloidal (Ionic) Copper Making It, Benefits I've Received Uses ~~~Nancy

    So many benefits to taking copper! But I need to have a source for it so that I can take it! Three years or so ago I began to make my own colloidal (ionic) silver product, this lead me to making copper. This video is an instructional video on how to make a liquid copper. It is the same process as making silver, the main difference is that copper is a harder metal, so it takes longer to process. However I have found that only a very small (tiny) amount ...(see this video!) ~~~Nancy

    ~~~Nancy's credentials!

    My formal training is that of a Managing Cosmetologist. I hold an active license in the State of Ohio. But in my background I had a pretty extensive interest in biology, and anatomy and physiology; just through reading. However I am able to understand how some things work, in the body; and in time, I came to understand about the role of minerals, nutrition and vitamins with regard to health and allowing the body to heal on it's own. ~~~Nancy

    The information and opinions on Your Health And Tech Friend, are not to be used as a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. ~~~Nancy


    Many a man will take a difference to this statement - however I'll make this statement anyway. Through clarity of mind and wisdom that I have been given, in this situation - by the Holy Spirit, I have of recent been able to extricate myself from a narcissist person's clutches. I am speaking to are the people who are in difficult situations, whether at a workplace, in a marriage or in family situation. ... read more ... .

    My Home Town ~ Downtown Cleveland

    Hi there! Some unusual memory floats around in my head from being near the Flats area in my downtown Cleveland, Ohio. It's a pretty day out and my walking campaign takes me into downtown! We've got a 'tower' that's Terminal (The Terminal Tower) and a lake that is Erie ... ~~~Nancy .

    Real Vitamins Work!

    Hi there! Oh - there is a real story behind vitamins. The vitamins that scientists do research on - aren't real vitamins, that is why - vitamins don't work for medical researchers! They aren't real so they won't work! I've used real vitamins for healing and for health and they work!.

    Too Much Colloidal Silver?

    How much colloidal silver should I take? How much do I use to prevent colds and flu and other things? I'll answer that. We have forgotten that we have free reign over our bodies! As a people we have turned our bodies over to the will of our doctors. I've done it! ~~~Nancy.

    5 Tips For YouTube Business Taxes

    A very comprehensive video of 5 specific points of tax filing from a YouTube Publisher who has successfully filed taxes for the 2014 and is preparing for the 2015 tax year. This is not a professional tax accountant information - it is someone who has researched taxes for a YouTube channel and a website. This video covers 1) clothing ... read more ...

    Bible Based Business

    A Bible Based Business

    Business instructions are in the Bible. The words from the Bible are said to be God's 'love letter' to us. It's said to contain instructions for our health, and for our wealth. I knew this to be true - but I began to study this.


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    Skin Cancer

    Hi! My name is ~~~Nancy Gurish and in this video I describe how I used the product known as black salve, by mouth. In treating my skin cancer (which I diagnosed) I believed that it would be necessary to treat myself from the inside as well as topically. Skin cancer is known to return in a year, and for me it did return in one year. That told me that the conditions in my body were still 'ripe' for this condition to return - and in fact it no doubt was not fully gone in the first place. So, one of my tools in this endeavor was to use black salve by mouth.

    Apricot Kernels

    Why is it important to 'chew' the apricot kernels? Why is it necessary to soak them? How apricot kernels work inside the body for helping to reverse symptoms that can be diagnosed as disease. Soaking is necessary .

    What YouTube Viewers Say To ~~~Nancy

    "Thank you so much for this simple tutorial. Very helpful.I hand wash some of my clothes using a bucket. So should I first soak & keep the clothes in a bucket of water with added vinegar for sometime and only later soak the clothes in water with mild detergent before washing? Or is it okay to add both vinegar and mild soap together in a bucket of water and soak my clothes before hand washing? Please let me know. Thanks ahead. Good day"
    "You talk a lot of sense Nancy...i can relate to the root causes you mentioned :/ Thankyou.."
    "Nancy, you have just made a 'healing broth' - good for you! There is a cookbook called Nourishing Traditions that tells all about this traditional food/ medicine. I feed my dog raw chicken too but was instructed to always feed with the bones otherwise its imbalanced food.."
    "Hi nancy, Thank you for sharing, we also use black salve and promote it to anyone who will listen.My ears pricked up when you mentioned erratic heart beat. My wife had a racing pulse and erratic beating which was treated with electric pulse and ongoing medication. What is your recommendation for our research. A great shame success has to go "underground"
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    "Want a responsive, mobile, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript driven site without breaking a sweat? For free? Voila! (You're welcome.)"
    "lovely lady,beautiful person."
    "This page is under construction! Please stop back again!."
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    "They are still *skinning these newborn's penises! These poor boys don't deserve this. The US is the only country doing this mutilation. I know this is shocking, but I think it's being done for the cash ($300.00/skin). Warn them Nancy! (*Referring to circumcision~)
    "First the joints go, knee and hip surgery happens, medicines, infections, revision surgery and nursing homes for physical therapy. Sometimes it's the beginning of the downward spiral. If a person is young and has a young family maybe their care is good; if older or no support, than maybe not so good. Sometimes all goes fine and who knows. But I chose to use a small amount of epsom salts in my water - on a daily basis; this keeps my joints in better repair because their is too much calcium in the body - we get over run with calcium and don't have enough sources of magnesium. Researchers are beginning to look into whether or not we need to supplement for magnesium - if they are just beginning ..."
    "Wow, that's great, thanks for all your research. We did not know about any of this. I think it is essential to give the body what is no longer available in the foods we eat (or in high enough quantities). The only bit I did not understand was the reference to magnesium ( something about Calcium), how does this work? Kind Regards Martin (and Jenny) Lang!"
    "Your initiative, sharp mental acuity, generosity, perseverance and research are so very appreciated. Thank you and continued blessings. I subbed. Strange but predictable the fact that you have such a low # of subscribers..."

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    I look for natural solutions for the heatlh conditions that come to me! And to my family members!

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