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Colloidal Silver FAQ's

This is some of my silver, a good silver will turn golden! ~:>
You can see how some silver ions will leach off of the silver rods
as the silver processes! ~~~Nancy

FAQ Colloidal Silver Questions

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In my opinion Colloidal Silver is extremely safe to use.
It is a highly efficient material that can be used to keep away colds and flu if used on a consistent basis.

Sovereign Silver With A Dropper!

Hi! I found it in 2006 and it's now December 2017. Eleven years.

~:Argyria not likely!

Hi! How much colloidal silver to take is an individual decision. I haven't measured, but when I use it, I take approx. 1 or 2 teaspoons. Today I feel that less is best, but consistent is good. ~~~Nancy ... see more ...

As you said, the strength of colloidal silver is measured in parts per million (ppm). The strength that I usually use when I make my own silver is approximately from 3 - 5ppm. Today I feel that less strength on a regular basis is best! ~~~Nancy ~:... how much is safe ...
Wow! The biggest benefit is that it reduces inflammation. This takes care of my osteo-arthritis. Miracle Mineral Solution ~:> helps for arthritis as well. I've had no urinary tract inflections or sinus troubles. In the past I used to get those! ~:... read more ... ~~~Nancy
Hi! I find that colloidal silver is most affordable if you make it. The cost is between 28.00 US Dollars for an 16oz bottle. I make it with two silver wires and distilled water. Very affordable! ~~~Nancy ~:>Should be a golden color!
Wow~ I'm torn on this question~ My knees I imagine would have to be the biggest benefit, because I can walk. That's huge. But I haven't had a cold sore either.

[Just below is a link for colloidal silver through Amazon! ~~~Nancy]

Sovereign Silver With a Dropper!

~The cold sore virus I believe, was stopped by Miracle Mineral Solution, but colloidal silver kept them away too. No sinus infections - that is a big benefit. No urinary tract infections. That's been a big plus! Maybe my knee arthritis is the best benefit. ~~~Nancy ~:More about silver! 4A-33

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