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~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

Colloidal Silver!

Just the other day I said to someone that
on YouTube, if no one else calls me this I know
that I am the Colloidal Silver Lady!

When it comes to experimenting with products that are
unusual, or off the beaten path, I'm yer' lady!

... continue below ...

I've taken been taking colloidal silver since
I found it in 2006. And it's benefits are astounding!

However everything has it's do's and don'ts
and I've found out the don't as well as the
do's with colloidal silver! I love it!

Colloidal silver is the one supplement that I take
most frequently! It is my go to mineral!

From what I understand, the difference between minerals
and metals is their hardness! The softer it is, the
more closely it is to being a mineral.
Colloidal silver, it's benefits and uses is a simple
concept. People complicate it! As usual.

See, "My Story of How I Found Colloidal Silver!"

Coming soon: I got argyria! It's real!

It was my own fault! I mis-used the colloidal silver!

Please note!
I will post a video here shortly!

As usual, there will be a video below for you!
I will find an article also and a product for you to see!

Peace *Buttercups!


Colloidal silver is a great, natural anti-bacterial wipe! Home make your own!

On another note:
Cancer is not a mystery!
There are so many sources of help for treating cancer~ So many are going off the beaten path! ~`more

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