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In 2006 I learned about colloidal silver and have been
using it since~ it's a great product for prevention
as well as for helping with some conditions!

What colloidal silver does is to kill pathogens
I just know that it fixes and prevents things!

It kills germs. I try and remember to take some daily
by mouth - but other ways I've used it is for my eyes and ears.
For my ears, I think it is a good way to prevent troubles!

I don't use it very often in my ears as drops, but
occasionally I think it's good for keeping germs under control!

For cold and flu season that would be important because
the ears and nasal passages are connected so that
in treating the ears I am also treating my sinus passages.

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And remember - I am a cosmetologist who is
interested in staying healthy through natural means!
So this isn't health advice!

Here are some products that I like! ~~~Nancy

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Here's a 30 ppm Colloidal Silver!
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