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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Let's Talk About Cold Sores!

I don't get them anymore. I used to get cold sores.
In 2013 I wrote and made a video about cold sores.

Somewhere in my early 40's, maybe later 30's I began to get a cold sore!
I know the pain of them, and the inconvience of having a
cold sore! They are not pleasant at all.

After I found colloidal silver, ~: it became very infrequent

[Colloidal silver ~(:) will stop cold sores from coming!]

that I would get a cold sore. But at times of stress and time when

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colds would go around, is when I would begin to get a cold sore!
Very quickly I would treat it with colloidal silver, topically and
make sure I would take it by mouth! I've used silver since 2006.

Stress definately brings on cold sores. But now they don't

come anymore! And that is just fine with me!

What I believed happened for me was that in, 2014 and 2015
I was taking this product controversial in nature,
that is called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS1). ~: However I also
took it's sister solution called MMS2 which is
commonly known as Pool Shock. Before you think that
I am nuts let me explain! There is an old saying that
goes like this: All drugs are poison, the strength of which
determines it's value." ~: Something along those lines.

Many accepted medicines are actually toxic in greater strength.

So, just as MMS1 is a chemical that is used in
a small dilute strength. Well, Calcium hypochlorite
MMS2 is used in small quantity and a dilute strength.

The short of this story is that I believe that it turned out
that taking MMS2 actually, killed offthe cold sore virus
in my system. There isn't any explanination for why a cold sore
hasn't developed in the past ~2 years. I had them for years. I'm 61 yrs old
now. I was taking MMS1 and MMS2 in around 2014-2015 pretty
steadily. Eventually I just never got a cold sore again. I wanted
to share this experience, for what it's worth!

Peace Buttercups!

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