Exercises For The Core Muscles!

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Damage To The Core Muscle Groups!

How I Am Recovering! ~~~Nancy

Damage to your core muscles is a serious situation.
This happened for me and I know how it happened ... continue below ...

Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy, from YouTube!

and that it happened over the course of about a two
year period.

Below is a list of the core muscle groups or areas.
Over time I will talk more as to how this came about
for me. For now I want to address it and
tell you that I've been able to work at fixing it.

Naturally it is going to be helped through exercises (see video below).
Specific exercises help more than others!

Finding this out is the first step.

There is a video below which you can see here
or on YouTube! Exercise does repair the core
muscles. It takes time to get stronger.

The muscle group which I see as the most affected on
me is #4 below: the back and inside and outside of my thighs - which extend up through the glutes!

This accounts for my difficulty going up and down
the stairs, which is a common complaint when we
get older - but I was only 58 - 59 when this began.

Of course, I will look to mineral and vitamin support!


P.S. I'll put a link for a useful product that will help!

Products to look at!

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What Are The Core Muscles of the Body?
Livestrong - by Elle Di Jensen

1) "The transverse and rectus abdominus -- those muscles that run from just below your sternum to your waist -- are definitely included in your core.

2) "Some of your back muscles are considered part of the core muscle group. Your lower back and the outer-middle part of your back, sometimes called your "lats," are the back muscles that are also core muscles ..."

3) "Running down along your sides, from your ribs to your upper hips, are your obliques. These important core muscles help you twist and bend from side to side."

4) "The muscles of the torso are typically the ones to come to mind when you think of your core, but they actually extend down into your legs. The core muscles of your upper body get support and assistance from your hip muscles. These include your hip flexors; abductors, along the outside of your thighs; and adductors, along the inside of your thighs. Even your hamstrings, which extend down the backs of your thighs, and your glutes -- together known as the hip extensors -- are considered core muscles."

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On another note: A friend of mine explained to me the importance
of soaking and chewing apricot kernels.
I've put together a video
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