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In looking at the condition known as Glaucoma
I have found some supplements and food sources that
will help! I seek prevention as well as ways
to reverse some signs of illness!

Below is a video that will help you to understand this
situation. From what I took away I from the video, I have
found a fat soluble form of the Water Soluble
Vitamins B1 (Thiamin), ~ and B12
both of these are beneficial for glaucoma.
This is because the B vitamins need to reach the
optic nerve which is situated behind the
meylan sheath, which protects the brain.
Only fat soluble vitamins will penetrate this
covering. This necessitates a fat soluble
form of the B1 and B12 vitamins. I've found out ...

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Here is the video for you to see!

Natural Help For Glaucoma! ~`

... what these nutrients are; I have placed information and
sources for them, below. Along with these
vitamins, a good real vitamin C is needed too!


The B1 Fat Soluble form is known as:
Benfotiamine ~`

B12 in this form is called:
Methylcobalamine B12 ~`

Vitamin C w/Rose Hips ~`

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Food sources of B12
"Only animal based foods provide the body with vitamin B-12. Meat, poultry, eggs, shellfish, milk and dairy products are all good sources. In comparison, unfortified plant based foods such as fruits ...

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... vegetables and grain products do not contain vitamin B-12. Products such as rice and soy milk or soy meat substitutes fortified with vitamin B-12 offer a vegetarian alternative. Additionally, vitamin B-12 can be obtained from dietary supplements and prescription medications." ~`

Top Ten Foods Highest in Thiamin B1
"Foods high in thiamin include fish, pork, seeds, nuts, whole wheat bread, green peas, squash, asparagus, dry roasted soybeans, and beans. The current daily value (DV) for vitamin B1 is 1.4mg. Below is a list high thiamin foods ..." ~`

Note: DMSO helps to penetrate the Meylan Sheath! ~`

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See: My Case of Food Poisoning! ~`

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