Atherosclerosis Begins Early!

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"...don't give much thought to our arteries.
That's especially true when we are young and think we can eat anything
we want. But here's a news flash: plaque begins to build in your blood
vessels during your teenage years..."

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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy!

Here's a short bit about the plaque on our arteries
and how it begins in our 20's!

My video is below about what I do
to keep my arteries clean and running smoothly!

I've got a 3 part process! ~~~Nancy

"When we are young and think we can eat anything we want.
But here's a news flash: plaque begins to build in your
blood vessels during your teenage years. That means that
most of us have a significant amount of plaque by the time
we hit middle age." (source is below)

You can see my video here or at my YouTube Channel!

Note: I take *Apple Pectin each day (1 after my meals 2-3x a day)

And I make certain to use oil vitamins every day!
I don't go without my oil vitamins. Sometimes an Omega 3,6,9
sometimes a Vitamin D3 or Vitamin A. I make certain to take them
after each meal. It's really important to me - it makes my HDL good.

*Apple pectin cleans the artery walls. Oil vitamins make
the blood healthy. That's what I do for my health!~~~Nancy

I'll put a source below for Apple Pectin and Oil Vitamins!

"By the time many people reach their 20s, blockages that disrupt
the flow of blood already exist within their arteries.
Responsible for carrying oxygen-rich blood and life-sustaining nutrients
from the heart to the rest of the body, healthy arteries are
essential for maintaining a healthy body."

... source...

Peace Buttercups!

Products and brands I would use!

This is one of the brands of Apple Pectin that I buy!

I take at least one Apple Pectin a day.

NOW Apple Pectin 700mg,120 Capsules

This is HCL. The owner of my health food store told me to take them
before meals (the label says after). He said I'd need like 3 - 6 and 9
of them. **That I could go up in doses. I will speak about it on video.

HCL makes my digestion like it was when I was 20! I like it. ~~~Nancy

Country Life Betaine Hydrochloride with pepsin 600 mg - 250 Tablets

Here's an Omega 3, 6, 9

NOW Omega 3-6-9 1000 mg,250 Softgels

**Remember - I'm a cosmetologist, so
it's not health advice! It's what I do
for me! Peace Buttercups!
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Here is info from Dr Mercola:
"Our entire digestive tract ranges from strongly acidic (pH4 in your stomach) to slightly acidic (5.7-6.7 pH in your small intestine, and pH7 in your colon). If HCL or enzymes are used as an aid to digestion, it is imperative to not add any unnecessary alkaline disturbances to the acidic environment. This includes water and especially alkaline water.

... read more ...

Below are more products that my viewers
and I use! ~~~Nancy

NutriNoche - Liquid Colloidal Copper - 30 PPM 8 fl oz - Nano Copper - Crystalline Purity - High Bioavailability - Colloidal Minerals (1)

And here are sources for apricot kernels
that my viewers and I would use! ~~~Nancy

Organic Raw Apricot Kernels 16 oz

Hunza Gold *Certif Organic Bitter 8 oz

P.S. If something is purchased through my links to Amazon; I get a commission (so, if you do - thank you; it helps me to stay on YouTube!)

*Certified Organic meets certain standards for organic.

See my video on Apricot Kernels!


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