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My Knee Story! Chnodromalacia Patella!

Nancy K Gurish

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My Knees and Arthritis, Another Part of the Story!

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I've had arthritis in my knees and was seen by the doctor when
I was about 20 years old. I had some degeneration of the cartilidge
behind my knees, the left knee was the most affected. It began
to hurt at some point in my early 20's. So I saw a doctor for it.

The doctor told me it was chondroamalacia patella, there
was a break down of the cartilage. Through the years, my knees woould
bother me now and again. Image below! I've been active most of my life, I have made
an effort to stay in shape, through work outs and by walking.

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At some point in 2002 or so I had a few things happen with my knees.
When I saw an orthopaedic doctor he offered me a shot in the left
knee, which would go in behind the kneecap.

I sais yes to that! I wouldn't do that today!

There was a large amount of fluid on both knees, he drew out
several ounces from each of them, more from the left knee.

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Image by ~~~Nancy

Me and Al dancing
And then I was given two braces, one for each of my knees.

What has happened was that for one thing colloidal silver ~:)
which I found in 2006 made a big differece in the arthritis all
over. I had it in my elbows and hands, and in my neck and back.

What had made the most significant change has been the supplements
that I took to heal my cracked tooth ~:)

It has not occurred for me until very recently that, when you treat
with supplements for one area of the body, others areas
will also be affected, with treatment. And the tooth
supplemnts are for bone and joint reapair: teeth are bone material.

So I was essentially treating my knees! And they are better.

I'll talk more about this as we go forward!
There is a page where I listed the supplements that I took for my teeth! ~:)


Natural Help for Runner's Knee ~Dr Axe! ~:)

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On another note!

I take Apple Pectin any time of day, starting with one per day, then two per day at meals. But it can be taken without food. Vitamin D3 is an oil vitamin, so it needs to be taken with food. ~~~Nancy

How I Raise My HDL~ ~~~Nancy!

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