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Vitamins, Fat Soluble and Water Soluble!
~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi everybody!
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Vitamins are divided into two groups that I
know of: water-soluable and fat-soluble.

One of the basics of taking these is to know whether
to take them with or without food!

It's important to know which is which!

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There is an important aspect to taking vitamins
that I haven't talked very much about. And this is
that it is best to take minerals with
vitamins. The minerals help to make the vitamins
work better. It's said that the word vita-min
centers around the idea that vitamins are
vit-al to the working of min-erals!
Do you see how the word vita-min joins them!

Below is a video for you! Vitamin Sources And Functions!
See this here.

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